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Kawasaki Licence Upgrade Course

Train yourself to the highest standard with Kawasaki

The Kawasaki Licence Upgrade Course

This bespoke 2½ day course has been specially designed for those who already have motorcycle licence, ride regularly and want to move to the next licence stage (for example A2 to Full A licence).

Day One:

On Day 1 you will be introduced to the bigger bike. Again, this bike will be one of our fantastic Kawasaki range suitable for you to take your tests on. Your instructor will take you through the exercises that you will need to master to be able to take the Module 1 (MOD 1) DVSA test.

Day Two:

Day 2 will find you out on the road practicing for your Module 2 (MOD 2) or 'road ride' part of your test. Here, your Instructor will coach you in answering some vehicle safety questions, normally referred to as 'show me tell me' questions. They will coach in performing normal stops and angled starts (pulling out from behind and parked vehicle) and a hill start, all of which could be part of your 40 minute DVSA test. You will practice on various road types (but not motorways) and also have a go at independent riding. This will again feature in your DVSA test for about 10 minutes and is designed to assess your ability to ride safely whilst making decisions. At the end of Day 2 you will go to take the MOD 1 test. You will then need to leave at least three working days before coming back.

Day Three:

On Day 3 (the half day), you will be taken to the MOD 2 test.


Please note the cost of this course does not include any test fees, Theory Test if required: £23, Module 1: £15.50, Module 2: £75.00
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