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A2 Motorcycle Licence

From age 19 and over.

A2 Motorcycle Licence

Aged 19 and over

At 19 can get an A2 Motorcycle Licence allowing you to ride a motorcycle or scooter with power up to 35KW (46.6 bhp) which will typically mean up to 500cc engine size, or a restricted version of a bigger more powerful model.

There are two ways to qualify for an A2 licence: First if you have held an A1 Motorcycle Licence for 2 years, you can take another practical tests on a larger A2 motorcycle.

Or second if you are 19 or older you can take the Direct Access route you will need to complete your CBT and pass your Theory Test as well as both practical tests. Until you have passed both practical tests you must be accompanied and in radio contact with your KRTS instructor. Once you have gained your A2 licence you are then allowed to ride any A2 category motorbike or scooter without L plates and to carry a passenger.

After holding an A2 Motorcycle Licence for 2 years, you can retake the practical tests and get an unrestricted A Motorcycle licence (see below).

What you can ride:

Below is a list of Kawasaki models you can ride with this licence. Click on any of the images below to view more information about the bike.

  • Ninja 400
  • £5,249


  • Z400
  • £4,999


  • Versys 650*
  • £7,099

*On restricted license

  • Versys 650 Grand Tourer*
  • £8,499

*On restricted license

  • J300
  • £4,599


  • J300 SE
  • £4,699


  • J125
  • £3,799


  • J125 SE
  • £3,899


  • Vulcan S*
  • £6,299

*On restricted license

  • Vulcan S SE*
  • £6,499

*On restricted license

  • Versys X-300
  • £5,149


  • Versys 650 Tourer*
  • £7,749

*On restricted license

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